• Computer Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Designer


Brennan Vargas designs software + hardware in Miami, FL.

Currently leading creative development for Policypad, inc.

Previous industry experience includes computer systems design, data security, and consumer electronics design.

Hobbies include making money, listening to good music, and ignoring your phone calls.

e: [email protected]

Systems Design & Engineering

Computer Hardware Construction Embedded Systems Design Electronics Design & Manufacturing

Software Development

PHP C++ Java Python Data Modeling Database Design Server/Hosting Dev Ops UI/UX (HTML, CSS, JS)

Digital Security

Defensive Security Deployment Digital Risk Management Penetration Testing Digital Forensics Vulnerability Analysis


img01 Policypad.com
(Spring 2016)

Employee handbook software for humans.
img01 Alright.ai
(Summer 2016)

Smarter Music Playlists
img01 Drawl.js
Draw + Fill Animation for SVGs